Jon (4–2) vs. Randy (2–4)

Jon Anderson
3 min readOct 22, 2020


Jon could have been 5–1 but he got absolutely Paulverized last week thanks to a 40-burger from Derrick Henry. I can take partial blame here because I gave Paul, Henry for Kamara. Jon would have faced Paul with Kamara on bye, and Paul also turned the other piece I sent him in Julio for Kelce who he got 21 points from. After some quick math, Paul being forced to play Swift in Henry’s slot, and Ebron in Kelce’s, he still would of lost, so suck it Jon. Jon saw Allen come down to earth in a rainy crappy game, Odell become non-existent as did most of the Browns, and a combined flex/defense score of 12.4 points. Jon also got burned on injuries as Sanders/Ertz left the game last week. Maybe if Jon wasn’t leaving us and cheating on us with Indiana homes, his team would have performed better. You never know.

Randy somehow/miraculously/unbelievably pulled a win out of his ass last week. Only Kyler and Claypool had good games and the only reason he pulled a win out is because Nick’s team dropped a bigger turd than Pish did when he clogged the toilet at Zemba’s and had to pick it up with his hand. Randy didn’t deserve that win but he got it. Can he pull an even bigger upset against the Fantasy Godfather, Jon?


Jon is shipping up to Boston as Miles Sanders got dropkicked to the IR list this week. Scott is in a prime matchup tonight against a weak NYG run defense. It also helps that Philly can run more in this game as it will be close, and they won’t be playing from 20 points down getting garbage passing yards. CEH begins his descent this week with Lev Bell entering and them getting a tough defense in the broncos. There have been rumblings of an OBJ trade but there’s a higher chance I run a go route at the turkey bowl this year than Jon moving OBJ ahead of this matchup. I can see him putting up a good score after a disappointing previous week for the Browns. Fuller continues to dominate defenses this week and Higgins has a surprisingly good game as he’s the new number 2 in Cincy. Kupp on Monday night will be a disappointment, so Jon needs his points in the 1pm games and tonight with Scott.

My Projections:


Final Projection: 124


Kyler is the beneficiary of the best scoring game of the week so he should ball out on Sunday against Seattle. Randy really pissing me off after that though as he is playing Benny Snell and Royce Freeman who have a combined projection that equals less than that of Malcolm Brown who he could just go add. Pure laziness on his end and Gordon should play this week so we’ll see if he swaps him in for Royce. We’ve seen him start an IR guy before so keep your eyes open on this move. Tyreek Hill hasn’t been much of a factor and if Lev Bell is going to steal some targets that only worsens Hill’s situation. Evans is boom or bust and last week it was bust. Tampa got up early on Green Bay so maybe that’s why Evans only saw two targets, but I’m chalking it up to very few plays from the 1-yard line, which is Brady’s favorite spot for Evans. I would be taking a flier risk on Desean possibly tonight with all the other injuries, but the hamstring injury is truly a pain. I don’t like Cobb this week so that’s where I would play him, but Randy’s Wi-Fi won’t kick on til Saturday so no time to make that move tonight. Claypool will continue his streak of good games and Bills defense will outscore any other defense this week.

My projections:

Royce-1.5 (Gordon-10)

Final Projection: 97.5 (106)

Randy’s mismanagement of his team will be his ultimate demise and departure from the league, but a few good effort weeks could help him remain fantasy relevant. Unfortunately for this week, Jon not only will finalize the details on his new Indiana home, but he will purchase a shed in Indiana for Randy to live after Jon drops the Hoosier hammer on his head.