The highest winning percentage matchup of the week has us looking at Hahn’s team of zombie’s vs Tony’s Tough Luck crew. Hahn has miraculously put together a 5–1 team despite facing some of the most injuries of any other team this year. Hahn had a monster performance from Tannehill last…

Colin is fresh off a win that almost sunk him to the likes of Lee’s record. I wouldn’t be surprised if Colin sicked his new dog on the Arizona offensive coordinators to ensure Christian Kirk wouldn’t get a single target after his 2-catch, 2-touchdown performance in the primetime game against…

Jon could have been 5–1 but he got absolutely Paulverized last week thanks to a 40-burger from Derrick Henry. I can take partial blame here because I gave Paul, Henry for Kamara. Jon would have faced Paul with Kamara on bye, and Paul also turned the other piece I sent…

This is the “I hope you pick me to lose because when you do that I always win” bowl. Aka the “selective memory” bowl.

Average Scores:
Tony: 128 (8th)
Colin: 117 (10th)

Projected Scores:
Tony: 123 (9th)
Colin: 125 (7th)

Expected Records:
Tony: 3–2
Colin: 1–4

Tony’s Side

Since Nick’s team name is a Jim Lahey reference, and he’s playing someone named Randy here… I have no choice but to just make that my line of attack. Unfortunately I’m not sure anyone other than Nick and I really watched that show.

Randy Jenner-ox (as Paul calls him) has…

The tin foil hat bowl!

Average Scores
Mitch: 140 (4th)
Pisih: 132 (7th)

Projected Scores Week 6
Mitch: 138 (3rd)
Pish: 126 (6th)

Expected Records
Mitch: 2–3
Pish: 3–2

Mitch’s Side

After starting 0–3, Mitch was looking close to death, but after two bust out weeks he’s right back alive…

Two of the least seen members of Burrell FLF find themselves with 80% win rates and battling here for first place.

Average Scores

Hahn: 151 (1st)
Johnson: 146 (3rd)

Projected Score Week 6

Hahn: 131 (4th)
Johnson: 128 (5th)

Expected Records

Hahn: 4–1
Johnson: 3–2

Hahn’s Side

Hahn of the Dead has been given life from all angles…

We will start this week’s gaggle of previews with the stinkiest of stink. We’ve got two globe travelers facing off with teams that look a little bit more Spirit Air than Delta.

Lee has poured himself a nice mixie of bad injury luck, surprising underperformers, and just bad draft strategy…

Jon Anderson

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